Rufus Chaney
Thu Jul 4 14:59:03 2002
Dear Colleagues:

You have already received a message from Jack Cooper (FEIN) about the =
Report of the NRC Committee. And the Press Release one can obtain from the =
NRC website.

I also received a copy of the Executive Summary of the Report. I believe =
the Press Release was much more negative regarding biosolids than was the =
Report Summary. Yes, there is need for more research on risk assessment, =
epidemiology, etc., regarding biosolids use. I don't know any report of =
researchers which does not stress the need for more research on the topic =
at hand. There is wide agreement that EPA did not plan to enforce the 503 =
Rule and States and local governments have been fulfilling the public =
responsibility for local enforcement.
But the Summary clearly stresses =
that there are no objective data which suggest that the Rule is not as =
protective as required by Congress. Anecodotal claims which have not been =
confirmed by local, state, and federal government.

Overarching Findings

There is no documented scientific evidence that the Part 503 rule has =
failed to protect public health. However, additional scientific work is =
needed to reduce persistent uncertainty about the potential for adverse =
human health effects from exposure to biosolids. There have been =
anecdotal allegations of disease, and many scientific advances have =
occurred since the Part 503 rule was promulgated. To assure the public =
and to protect public health, there is a critical need to update the =
scientific basis of the rule to (1) ensure that the chemical and pathogen =
standards are supported by current scientific data and risk-assessment =
methods, (2) demonstrate effective enforcement of the Part 503 rule, and =
(3) validate the effectiveness of biosolids-management practices.

And with the substantial revision of the NIOSH advisory regarding =
biosolids workers, that situation is clearer.

I will copy the Summary into this message (except for a complicated Figure =
showing connections in assessment and risks from biosolids, which doesn't =
copy from WORD).=20

It will be months before a full copy is available for sale, so I think I =
would look at this complete Summary of the report as published by NRC =
rather than the Press Release.

Happy reading,

Rufus Chaney